Muhammad Anwar Abbasi


Muhammad Anwar Abbasi- A brief Profile:

Muhammad Anwar Abbasi – is known for blatantly challenging conventional wisdom and upholding his core values at all costs. He looks overly serious, even scary at times, when holds back his trademark smiles. He rarely fails in smiling though. Humor, wit and logic never part ways with him. During discussions, he comes out as intensely and aggressively logical. Anwar does not shy away refuting illogical logical regardless of where it originates from. He is touchingly generous – an itching giver. Graciously trusts most untrustworthy people. Reads avidly, thinks compulsively and writes impulsively. He is an empathic listener. Abbasi is transparent to the core, truthful and highly trusted among a large circle of friends and family.

He displays a genuine disposition when criticized as if he has been deeply deprived of criticism. Agrees in seconds when something makes sense to him. Changes position readily when pointed out that his premise is flawed. He is extremely skillful in maintaining a clear demarcation between people as packages and their undesirable personality traits. He dislikes their bad habits, but not to them. He is always young among his friends and family. Ironically, his popularity is one dimensional for he is tied to friends and family only. He never succeeded in making foes. His scholarly discourses maysound simplistic at times, but most of them get dodged – not answered. He debates vehemently even ferociously but not without scholarship and research. Friends wishing to see him emotional as a potential teenager should ask him to compromise on his core principles.

His landmark book, “Bank Interest: Profit or Usury,” is a greater challenge to the conventional wisdom and misplaced religiosity. His premise is solid, Irrefutable. His inference: undeniable. His conclusion is as forceful as the premise.

Muhammad Anwar Abbasi

Born: July 2nd, 1940

Place of birth: District Bagh,

Azad Jammu & Kashmir.


B. Com Honors: University of Karachi, 1963

Masters: 1) Islamic Studies, UoK, 1965

2) Economics, UoK, 1967

He possesses extensive experience in banking sector through working for ABN-Amro, Saudi Arabia. After directly and profoundly dealing with accounts and finance and working as a banker for over 20 years, he repatriated to Pakistan in 1988. In Pakistan, he held prestigious positions in multiple companies and organizations in the realms of social and education sectors. He served as head of accounts and finance; Executive Director, member and chair of finance committees of large organizations. His invaluable contributions in Management, Economics, Finance and Accounts have helped many organizations in their growth and expansion. His vast knowledge, all-round experience, in-depth studies, research, insight and analytical skills have been highly sort after

He lives in Islamabad.

His research work is mentioned below:

  • “Ashariya-e-Afkaar-e-Maudoodi” A comprehensive index of All published material of Syed AbulAalaMaudoodiincluding his speeches, letters & interviews etc.

“Insaniyat Hidayat Ki Talaash main” An analytical study of human knowledge from the period of Aristotle till the present date scholars, leading us to divine knowledge.

“Bank Interest: Profit or Riba” A book portrays a complete paradigm shift from the orthodox and popular view of bank interest.

محمد انور عباسی

1940 نیلا بٹ، ضلع باغ، آزاد کشمیر میںپیدا ہوئے، یہیں سے میٹرک کا امتحان پاس کرنے کے بعد حصول تعلیم کے لیے کراچی گئے۔
1963 میں کراچی یونیورسٹی سےB.Com (آنرز) اور اس کے بعد اسی یونیورسٹی سے ایم اے معاشیات اور بعد میں ایم اے اسلامیات کی سندیں حاصل کیں۔
بعد ازاں سعودی عرب میں سعودی ہولندی بینک (ABN Amro) میں بیس سال تک چیف اکائونٹنٹ کی حیثیت سے کام کیا۔ وہاں سے ریٹائرمنٹ کے بعد اسلام آباد میں رہائش پذیر ہیں۔ آپ کی اس سے پہلے بھی مختلف موضوعات پر دیگر تصانیف ہیں۔

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