Emel Publishing acts as a distributor for various publishers with books on approved subject, making them available in Pakistan and over 30 countries. Our staff, with combined publishing experience, are ideally suited to this challenge.

Some of the services the publishers we work with enjoy are:

  • Products represented to bookstores, chains, wholesalers, libraries
  • Products represented to speciality markets, particularly the Muslim community, who trust our knowledge of their customers’ tastes and interests
  • Printing consultancy and services
  • Warehousing and despatch facilities
  • Manage collections and credit processing

Prospective publishers should contact us with a proposal that includes:

  • a list of the books that they would like us to distribute
  • the terms they are able to offer
  • information about the current distribution of their books in the UK and the rest of the world

Once we have had a chance to read your proposal we will contact you to request samples.