India vs China: A review of the Aksai-Chin Border Dispute

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The book has been divided into five chapters. The first chapter gives comprehensive information about history, geography, administration, politics and defense potentials of India & China. The second chapter discusses the origins of Sino-Indian border dispute and gives detailed information about the disputed areas of Aksai Chin, the Tawang Tract and the McMahon Line. The third chapter presents an overview of the Sino-Indian relations in the context of border dispute from 1947 to 1962 and analysis the development of the events leading to the 1962 war. The fourth chapter examines the events happened during the Sino-Indian Border War, 1962 and its aftermath till the end of year 1972. The fifth chapter narrates the development of mutual relations of both the countries leading to present reconciliation. These chapters are followed by an epilogue, a select bibliography and an index.

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1 review for India vs China: A review of the Aksai-Chin Border Dispute

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    Review on Emel’s new publication “India vs China” is published in the magazine Kashmir Mirror this month.

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