Thank you for choosing to submit your book proposal to Emel Publishing. Our aim is to respond to every submission made, however, we cannot always guarantee that this will be possible. Furthermore, a number of proposals are rejected because they do not contain enough information, or because they do not give the right sort of information; in order to give your project the greatest chance of being considered for publication, please carefully read the guidelines for the type of book you want to submit.

It can take up to eight weeks for us to consider manuscripts/proposals, with additional time often needed if other opinions are sought. Before offering a contract for proposals we want to pursue we will contact the author and discuss its merits and any areas we would like to see improved. Should we reject your manuscript we will not provide you with a detailed written appraisal of your work. In some cases where we ask for a proposal to be developed and resubmitted, additional feedback may be sent.

For any query of more information please contact us at:

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